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Glare Technocons Private Limited, Engineering services

World over, engineering organizations face three key challenges to win in a dynamic business environment.
1.Agility: Making quick and informed decisions in a complex, fast-paced, competitive business environment
and understanding cost/ value implications across the value chain .
2.Innovation: Adopting innovations in engineering concepts, technologies, and business systems to be on the
cutting- edge and create more value for customers .
3.Profitability: Maximizing customer opportunity across the relationship lifecycle with offerings needed to gain
repeat business, wallet share, and stability.

We innovate on client offerings, transform the way in which they engineer these offerings and optimize execution to deliver distinctive solutions and ensure measurable business value.
Innovate on client offerings: Our portfolio of solutions and flexibility in engagement models help customize solutions or develop joint IP. Various cost models and simulation tools enable delivery of optimal solutions. We not only innovate, but also empower client teams innovate through workshops and knowledge transfers.
Transform how clients engineer offerings: We apply our integrated approach across design, manufacturing, supply chain, supporting business platforms, and to interface with clients' existing processes for optimal solutions. Dedicated practices for PLM and consulting enable us to define, deploy and support these processes.
Optimize execution: We enable continuous increase in productivity by 30%-40% with award-winning knowledge systems and Lean engineering methods, freeing engineering bandwidth for more programs and rapid innovation. The Global Delivery Model we pioneered applied to global engineering ensures delivery excellence of 99% on schedule with industry average at 56%. Our formal process framework ensures measurable business value from engineering partnership.

Glare Engineering Services

"Maximum Output with minimum resources."

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